Scientific Name: Sauromalus ater

Iguanidae (iguanid lizards)

Habitat & Range
Chuckwallas range from the Southwestern United States to northern Mexico. They are well adapted to dry climates and favor open, rocky areas with large boulders.

Chuckwallas are a wide-bodied lizard with a flat mid-section and prominent belly. Their body is covered in coarse scales and their neck and sides have deep skin folds. Color ranges based on gender, with males generally being brighter with red-orange tones and females more drab, gray or yellow tones. The tail is thick and tapers to a point. They measure an average of 15 inches in length.

The chuckwalla is mostly herbivorous, feeding primarily on leaves, fruits and flowers. Insects serve as supplementary prey.

Reproduction & Lifespan
Chuckwallas mate from April to July, laying eggs between June and August. Clutches contain 5 to 16 eggs that hatch in late September.

The lifespan of a chuckwalla is estimated at 25 years.
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