Scientific Name: Simia sciureus


Habitat & Range
Squirrel monkeys can be found in the tropical forests of Central and South America. They typically inhabit the canopy layer and have an isolated range in the Amazon, Costa Rica and Panama.

An adult squirrel monkey is typically between 10 and 14 inches tall and weighs between 1 and 3 pounds. Their tail is usually longer than their body with an average length of 14 to 18 inches. They are covered with short, gray fur that turns to gold on their back and extremities and white on their face and ears.

Squirrel monkeys are omnivores that feed on fruits, seeds, flowers, leaves, nuts, eggs and insects.

Reproduction & Lifespan
Female squirrel monkeys reach sexual maturity at around 2.5 years, while males are not fully mature until 4 years. Mating season is influenced by season and varies based on geographic location. Females give birth during the rainy season, after a gestation period of 150 to 170 days.

Squirrel monkeys have an average lifespan of 15 years in the wild and over 20 years in captivity.

Fantastic Fact
To Infinity and Beyond
On May 28, 1959, a two-year-old squirrel monkey named Miss Baker and a rhesus monkey were launched into space. The two were the first animals sent to space with a successful return. The flight lasted 16 minutes, 9 of which were weightless, and reached an altitude of 300 miles.

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