Elmwood Park Zoo is constantly expanding and improving. From new exhibits to facility updates, each development helps make the Zoo a better place for the animals who call it home and the guests who love to visit.

Here’s a look at some of the projects that are currently underway.

Members Check-in
A second admission counter is being added at the Zoo's main entrance to check in members when they arrive. This should alleviate long lines and lessen the time it takes for members to enter the Zoo.

Butterfly Exhibit
The building housing the Zoo's seasonal butterfly exhibit is being converted into the Zoo's brand new "Birds of Paradise" attraction.

Bayou Exhibit
The Zoo's short-tailed leaf-nose bat exhibit has been removed. Exhibit spaces are being added and renovated to make room for new species.

Pertucci's Ice Cream Parlor
Pertucci's Ice Cream Parlor is being constructed next to the playground. The playground's entrance is being moved from its current location to a new location in the same corner, closer to the wetlands area.

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