Elmwood Park Zoo’s Little Learners preschool programs are offered from September through April with different themes each month. These hour long sessions are a unique way for preschoolers (age 3 to 5) and their caregivers to discover the natural world together! Learning occurs through live animal encounters, crafts, activities and artifacts.


Prices include admission to the zoo and Little Learners for one adult and one child age 3 to 5. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

EPZ Members: $15/pair per session
Non-Members: $25/pair per session


2017-2018 Dates & Themes

Classes take place three times each month on select Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. Themes change monthly.

Let's Learn About Snakes - October 7, 14, or 15
Some might think they are spooky, but snakes are really quite ssssspectacular. Get your slither on in this very reptilian class where we’ll learn why snakes shed their skin, stick out their tongue and sleep with their eyes open. Sssssounds splendid!

Let's Learn About Owls - November 11, 18, or 19
Whoooo’s ready to see if owls can really turn their heads all the way around? We’ll hoot it up and learn which owl is called a tiger of the sky, why owls can sneak up on their prey and whooooooo weighs only as much as a juice box!

Let's Learn About Mammals - December 9, 16, or 17
Oh, baby, it’s cold outside! When the temperature dips, many of our mammals make merry and motor around more at the Zoo. We’ll learn what it takes to endure the endless chill with our elk and battle the blustery wind with our bison. Brrrrrrring your woolies!

Let's Learn About Feet - January 13, 20, or 21
Big feet, little feet, webbed feet, hoofed feet! Walk this way as we discover why camels have marshmallow feet, reindeer wear snowshoes and cheetah paws are like soccer cleats. We’ll move like jaguar to learn how animals get around.

Let's Learn About Turtles - February 10, 17, or 18
Cowabunga Dude! Our bodacious band of buoyant Testudines will dispel all the common myths about turtles. Prepare yourselves for a gnarly morning learning about shells, scutes and skeletons.

Let's Learn About Protection- March 10, 17, or 18
Do you know what a baby porcupine is called? A porcupette! No, we’re not kidding. Find out more about some interesting and prickly animals that call Elmwood Park Zoo home.

Let's Learn About Nests- April 14, 21, or 22
Keep calm and spring forward as we look at the different types of nests made by animals every spring. We’ll discover that not only birds make nests, and that some birds don’t even make nests. Sprrrrriiiiiiiiiing on over to Elmwood Park Zoo for our last great adventure of this session.

For more information about Little Learners, or to register by phone, contact the Education Department at 610.277.3825 x 235 or 236.

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