The capybara claims the title of the largest rodent on the planet. Capybaras are very social animals and are very vocal. They communicate by clicking, whistling, grunting, purring, barking and a combination of many other sounds. Capybaras have webbed feet and big claws, which give them the ability to walk on the wet rainforest ground. Despite their agility on land, capybaras are highly functional in the water. They are able to remain submerged for up to 5 minutes at a time and, if necessary, can sleep in the water, keeping only their nose above the surface. Capybaras have the ability to tightly press their ears against their head to prevent water from getting in their ears. Their webbed feet also make them amazing swimmers. Their versatility is a key component in evading predators.

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Location: Wetlands

Arrived at EPZ: Scar - 07/17/2013