Lowland Pacas (also known as the spotted paca) are related to guinea pigs, capybaras, and agoutis. Their coat is reddish-brown to darker brown and covered in rows of  white spots down each side. Pacas are tailless animals with short legs and feet and a large head. They are nocturnal so they forage at night, following established paths to feed on foliage, roots, nuts, seeds, and fruits. During the day, they remain in their 6 foot burrows built in banks, slopes, or among tree roots or rocks and located beside streams and ponds. When danger approaches, they use their excellent swimming abilities to escape predators, remaining underwater for several minutes. Predators include foxes, ocelots, maned wolves, cougars and jaguars.

Find me at EPZ

Location: In the Wetlands across from our alligator exhibit

Arrived at EPZ: Peppito and Picasso - 11/30/2021