Unlike popular belief, rabbits are not from the rodent family, but are from the Leporidae family.  The difference between these two is that rabbits have four incisors (teeth) instead of two and they are completely herbivorous while many rodents also eat meat.

Velveteen Lops are known to be an affectionate breed and have mild temperaments. These rabbits are fairly social and calm; although, they can also be very playful at times.  Velveteen Lops are a mix of the Mini Rex and English Lop breeds.

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Location: This animal is not on exhibit. It is part of our educational collection and may only be seen in programs inside or outside of the zoo.

Arrived at EPZ: Oliver - August 22, 2018- Born Apr 30, 2018; Chester - August 22, 2018 -Born Apr 30, 2018