Elmwood Park Zoo is so very sad to announce the passing of our female red panda, Amaya. Amaya lived on exhibit across from the barn with Slash, our male red panda.

Amaya was 10.5 years old and has been at EPZ since last March. She sustained an injury to her tail, and developed a life threatening infection from the injury that couldn’t be treated despite aggressive therapy. She was humanely euthanized in the early morning hours of Friday, December 14, as her situation was severely declining. Her injury was not caused by Slash, who is housed with Amaya.

EPZ veterinary staff is conducting an extensive post mortem exam today to gain more information about the situation.   

Our red pandas have always been a crowd favorite, and Amaya’s passing is a difficult loss. She will be very missed by our staff and by guests. 

Amaya on exhibit at Elmwood Park Zoo