As we count down the days to Halloween, many people enjoy the decorations and costumes that come along the way! Holidays don’t have to hurt the planet (or your wallet)… take a look at the following ways to “green” your Halloween this year! 

Green Tips:

  • Make decorations from recycled materials like toilet paper tubes, tin cans, newspaper, and glass jars!
  • Give out locally sourced treats from farmers markets or make your own treats
  • DIY your costume using materials you already own, or from purchased items at a secondhand shop
  • If giving out candy, be sure it's free of palm oil! Irresponsible harvesting of this harmful ingredient causes deforestation and habitat loss in the rainforest!
  • Use a reusable item to collect candy while trick-or-treating! Pillowcases, drawstring bags, and reusable shopping bags are great resources!
  • If carving pumpkins, save the seeds to roast as a healthy snack, and compost the "guts"!
  • Don't throw those decorations away! Save them to reuse year after year.
  • If it's safe to do so, walk from house to house while trick-or-treating instead of driving! This cuts down on harmful vehicle emissions.

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Written by Ali Chiavetta