In 2019 Elmwood Park Zoo secured $2.4M to build the Stony Creek Bridge — the first of two projects within "Expansion Elmwood". The second project is "The Great Migration": relocating the bison and elk into a new, much larger territory and constructing a Nature Play Outdoor Classroom on our now-accessible 22 acres of land.

With a generous $300,000 grant from the Quest for the Best Foundation secured this past December, "The Great Migration" fundraising campaign began, helping us to move forward to achieving the projects, $1M goal.

In an effort to continue the project's momentum, Elmwood Park Zoo is respectfully asking The Hess Foundation to consider re-allocating its 2016 $45,000 restricted grant originally given in support of the now not-planned underwater viewing window of the bear exhibit to supporting "The Great Migration".

With it we will increase the bison and elk's habitat two-fold and support our educational mission by building a second "theater" in which our ambassadors and visitors can interact.

Thank you for your consideration to support us so we can continue to grow. Your gift will set the stage for a prosperous and exciting future. Expansion Elmwood’s planning is already underway, with a majority of the project hoped to be complete in 2024 – the zoo’s 100th anniversary!
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Interested in learning more about the zoo's master plan? Take a look at our expanded non-finalized Master Plan Map by clicking the button below.


Treetop Adventures

Treetop Adventures at Elmwood Park Zoo features over 70 challenge games and zip lines that span up to 40 feet above the ground in the trees of the Zoo — not to mention Pennsylvania's only location to zip line over animal exhibits!

Treetop Adventures offers outdoor fun for all ages! With both children and adult courses to choose from, every thrill-seeker has an adventure suited just for them!

Originally a turnkey operation, then purchased outright by the zoo in 2016, Treetop Adventures has added an entirely new earned revenue stream for the zoo and opened the doorway to a whole new set of demographics.

Trail of the Jaguar

Home to the zoo's iconic big cats, Trail of the Jaguar is the multispecies, multi-million-dollar showpiece of what the zoo is soon to become. With beautiful, natural indoor and outdoor spaces, and thematic Pueblo-style architecture, this exhibit transports guests out of Norristown and into the American Southwest.

Home to three jaguars, an ocelot and two cougars, this exciting exhibit is packed with incredible animals on better display than ever. Sitting behind giant panes of glass, animal and guest are within inches of each other! Interactions are further deepened through a mix of static signage and digital displays that immerse learners in the rich and exciting details of the animals and their natural habitats.

Taphouse 23 Giraffe Feeding Experience

Home to the world's tallest mammal as well as the world’s most iconically striped equine, Savanna Station transports guests out of Norristown and into the African Sub-Sahara. Featuring the zoo's most engaging animal experience: the Taphouse 23 Giraffe-Feeding Experience, Savanna Station became one of the zoo's most beloved exhibits.

And even more recently, in corcordance with our efforts to bring the zoo into the 21st century, the zoo chose the Giraffe-Feeding Experience as the site of its very first live exhibit webcam. This new giraffe webcam lets giraffe fans across the world engage in the zoo’s feeding experience, broadcasting a live stream through a user-controlled camera.

Zoo Brew

First opening in the summer of 2015, Elmwood Park Zoo's ZooBrew bar has quickly become a fan favorite. Spurring rentals, bringing new demographics, and leading to corporate partnerships, ZooBrew is now a multi-faceted revenue stream for the zoo.

Unique partnerships — like Chaddsford Winery’s production of the zoo’s signature Red Fox Red and Arctic Fox White fundraising wines — combined with corporate rentals and local brewery partnerships have buttressed the zoo’s contributed revenues. And happy hours and Treetop Adventure’s adult course packages have granted the zoo access to older demographics, as well as provided adult offerings to those bringing their children.

Bison-Feeding Experience

Coming face to face with the nation's largest land mammal, Elmwood Park Zoo's Bison Feeding Experience is as fun as it is unique — providing kids, parents and grandparents with an experience that will last a lifetime.

This amazing new experience has not only allowed the zoo to get one step closer to its mission, but also breathed new life into one of the zoo's oldest and most prominent animal enclosures

Birds of Paradise Exhibit

Providing emergency funding in 2016 after the collapse of the exhibit's roof during a blizzard, the Connelly Family Foundation helped the exhibit rise phoenix-like from its proverbial ashes. With its incredible opportunity to hand-feed free-flighted birds, the newly re-constructed Birds of Paradise has become one of the zoo's most engaging attractions.

Serving as the main attraction of the zoo's "Touch Tours" programs for visually- and auditorily-impaired learners, the exhibit has taken on new significance in the zoo's poush to become an even more inclusive facility.

Thomas Kimmel Playground & Percussion Garden

In 2001 longtime supporters and former board member, Don and Gloria Kimmel, built the Thomas Kimmel Conservation Kingdom, a state-of-the-art (much needed) interactive playground.

Recognizing the importance the wellmaintained, secure playground meant to the community, The Kimmel Family endeavored to ensure the playground would forever receive the attention and funding it needed.

In 2016, the Zoo and The Kimmels embarked on a campaign to update the playground, adding kid- and eco-friendly rubberized flooring, new jungle gym equipment, and much more!

Carousel & Train Ride

In 2015, Elmwood Park Zoo installed a restroed Densel Carousel outisde of it's newly renovaed Thomas Kimmel Playground. In the successive years, the incorporation of the catepillar-themed children's train ride, and the construction of the Thomas Kimmel Percussion Garden, the zoo's wood-chipped play area has transformed into a robust entertainment complex where children can learn as they play.

Lower Parking Lot

Completed in 2015, just in time for the opening of the new Trail of the Jaguar exhibit, the newly constructed lower lot added an additional 200 spaces to the zoo's parking capacity. This increased capability saw vast increases in attendance year over year, to the extent that the benefit provided by the new lot has already plateaued.

With the amazing real-time case study of the new parking lot, the zoo is embolded to once again boost its attendance by offering another new lot — with nearly 300 additional spaces — slated to be completed this year.

I would like to once again sincerely thank you for your consideration in supporting the zoo — without the support of stalwart champions such as yourself, the zoo would have never made it to it's centennial. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you!

- Jen Conti



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