Summer Camp 2021: Ages 3-5

Ages 3-5

June 14 - 18: Digging for dinos - Sold Out

Why were stegosauruses equipped with giant tail spikes? Would a T-Rex eat chicken nuggets if they walked the Earth today? This weeks camp will highly focus on dinosaurs, including where they lived, what they ate, and how they survived millions of years ago! Campers will get the opportunity to make dinosaur crafts, participate in hands-on activities, and even meet some of the closest living relatives to the T-rex!

June 21 - 25: Super Senses - SOLD OUT

Super strength and super senses are not just for superheroes in movies and comic books. This week of camp dives, runs, and hops into the real superhero lives of animals! Campers will make toys for our animals and watch their super senses go to work. This week includes activities, chances for campers to show off their super powers, and up close animal meet and greets.

June 28 - July 2: Animal Detectives

Is your camper naturally curious? This camp will spark imagination and lead campers on an adventure of discovery through the animal kingdom. Campers will uncover clues to determine the Ambassador Animal they will get to meet each day and discover many more animal mysteries along the way. This camp includes hands-on activities, games, and close up animal encounters!

July 5 - 9: Hooray for Habitats

Animals live and survive all over the globe throughout different climates and habitats. Through dramatic play and hands on activities, campers will explore what animals need to survive in the wild. Campers will jump into a different habitat every day, learning all about the benefits and challenges of living in places like the African Savanna or the Amazon Rainforest. S.T.E.M learning is introduced into each session by having students build animal shelters, calculating our animals, and many more engaging activities!

July 12 - 16: Nature Explorers - SOLD OUT

Does your camper enjoy digging up worms, watching birds, or playing outside? Join our Nature Explorers camp, where campers will explore the natural world through nature play and observation. Campers will meet animals of all shapes and sizes and learn about what makes each one special. We will explore how worms keep our planet healthy and learn fun animal facts like why rabbits have big floppy ears! This camp is very hands-on with animal experiences, interactive activities, and fun crafts to take home.

July 19 - 23: Backyard Bonanza - Sold out

Pennsylvania has over 400 kinds of birds, around 60 types of mammals, and over 30 different reptiles, right here in our backyard! During this week, campers will learn to identify some of our most common backyard friends and will discover ways to help out our native wildlife. This week of camp has a S.T.E.M component, with campers counting animals, building habitats, and discovering the natural history of Pennsylvania.

July 26 - 30: Scales and Tales - Sold Out

This week will explore the world of animals through reading books! Discover a new type of animal everyday and read a story that goes along with it! Adventure through the world of animals through stories and tall tales. Campers will feed giraffes, meet animals up close, and develop their vocabulary by listening to a variety of books each day.

August 2-6: Small Wonders - Sold Out

Join us for a week of playing in the dirt looking for some of the smallest creatures at the zoo. This week will feature meet and greets with some of our resident creepy crawlies and also some of our cutest and furriest friends! This week will look closely at the living world around us. Campers will explore the zoo, participate in hands on activities and up close animal encounters.

August 9 - 13: ZooCrew - SOLD OUT

Does your camper love animals? Now is their opportunity to learn what it takes to care for different animals. They will learn how to give animals food, water, and shelter. Campers will learn how to be a zookeeper and make toys for some of our most playful animals. This week of camp features some fun up close animal encounters, hand on activities, and themed games! 

August 16-20: Digging for Dinos - Sold Out

Our most popular week of camp is back for another week this summer! Travel back in time 65 million years ago to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. This camp will explore the wonderful world of dinosaurs and make connections to the animals that roam the earth today. Campers will get the opportunity to make dinosaur crafts, participate in hands-on activities, and meet some of T-Rex’s closest living relatives!

$225/ Member Child per week | $250/Non-Member Child per week

*camper must be potty trained to attend camp

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