Summer Camp 2021: Ages 9-12

Ages 9 – 12

June 14 – 18: Fossils, Feathers, and Fangs

Travel back 65 million years when brontosaurus roamed the earth and apex predators, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, ruled the landscape. Campers will explore the extinct animals of the past and learn about how we can save the wildlife we have today from going extinct too. This week of camp we will discover what modern day dinosaurs look like and even get to meet some of today’s living dinosaurs!

June 21 – 25: Super Species - Sold Out

Are you fast like the Flash? Are you strong like Wonder Woman? Are you as smart as Iron Man? Put your superpowers to the test as we learn about a different super power each day. The animal kingdom is full of animals with superpowers too! This week of camp will feature fun games and activities to test out your super skills and campers will meet some our superpowered animals. Campers will even learn ways to help defeat some of Earth’s mightiest villains, like pollution and extinction. Come join us as we save the day and save the planet!

June 28 – July 2: Jr. Zookeeper - SOLD OUT

Ever wonder what it takes to be a zookeeper? Join us for a week of experiencing all the fun of being a keeper! Campers will get hands on experience prepping animal diets and learning how to train an animal. This week will feature guest talks by some of our Education and Animal Care Keepers and meeting some ambassador animals up close! A love and excitement for animals is required, khakis are not.

July 5 – 9: Survivor: Wildlife Challenge - SOLD OUT

Sail away onto Zoo Camp Island this summer! Through team challenges each day, and S.T.E.M oriented projects, campers will learn how animals adapt to survive in the wilderness. Every exciting new day will focus on a different animal adaptation and will feature up-close animal greets, swashbuckling activities, and team building games. Don’t miss out on this adventure filled week!

July 12 – 16: Conservation Ranger - Sold Out

Animals need our help! Learn about all the endangered and threatened animals we have here at the zoo and the part Elmwood Park Zoo plays in helping these species. Campers will dive into the world of conservation and discover ways to help save wildlife in their own backyards and neighborhoods. This week features S.T.E.M based projects to spark creativity and excitement, and every camper will learn how they can help save the planet.

July 19 – 23: Jr. Zookeeper - Sold Out

Does your camper want to be a zookeeper? This week campers will discover all of the different pieces of being a zookeeper and how to care for all kinds of animals. Each day will focus on a different aspect of zookeeping like husbandry, training, nutrition, and veterinary care. Campers will meet professionals in the zookeeping field like zookeepers, educators, and veterinary staff. This week features up close animal greets, hands on activities, and themed games.

July 26 – 30: Codename Camper - Sold Out

Campers or secret agents? Perhaps, both! Campers will spend the week solving puzzles and riddles to investigate the mystery case of the day. Campers will work together as a team to solve real life conservation problems. This week will feature a mock escape room, animal encounters, and a trek into the world of wildlife conservation.

August 2 – 6: Zoologist in Training - Sold Out

Plunge into the world of zoology by studying the habitats and behaviors of our zoo animals. Design enrichment and puzzles for our animals and even learn all about animal training! Campers will observe our zoo animals and discover what animals need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Campers will even create their very own kind of animal. This week of camp will feature guest talks by our animal professionals here at the zoo.

August 9 – 13: Jr. Zookeeper - Sold Out

Is your camper interested in working with animals some day? Come explore the world of zookeeping with our Junior Zookeeper camp! Campers will meet and chat with professionals in the zoo field, including our zookeepers, education staff, veterinary staff, and more. Each day of the week will focus on a different aspect of zookeeping and what it takes to care for our zoo animals. Campers will make enrichment, learn about animal diet and training, and meet some of our animals up close and personal. Although khakis are not required, a love for animals is encouraged!

August 16 – 20: Habitat Adventurers - Sold out

Join us on an exploration into the wonderful world of habitats. We will quest through five of the world’s most unique habitats and learn about the special adaptations these animals need to survive some of the harshest and most variable climates. Campers will have themed crafts, activities, and up close animal encounters!

$325/ Member Child per week | $350/Non-Member Child per week

Early drop off and late pick up is available for an added cost.  Early drop off is at 8:00am-8:30am for $15/child per day, and late pick up is at 4:00pm-5:00pm for $15/child per day.

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