Capital Projects

Majestic Predators - Phase II

Plans are underway for a number of new and awe-inspiring exhibits at the Elmwood Park Zoo! Designed by the same team that brought Disney’s Animal Kingdom to life, the second phase of our “Majestic Predators” plan will overhaul some favorite exhibits while bringing some new faces, paws and claws to delight visitors for generations to come!

River Otter Exhibit

Total Construction  $2,815,215

River Otter Enclosure  $2,500,000

Additional Features – Crayfish Pool: $315,215

A waterfall cascades over polished river rocks, splashing into a crystal-clear pool where otters play an acrobatic game of tag.  The curved glass in front of you immerses you in the underwater world of these aquatic athletes. Interactive educational displays engage visitors, and live keeper talks create opportunities for further learning.

Fundraising Progress
River Otter

                            $350,000                                                                                                                       $2,815,215

Bobcat Exhibit

Total Construction  $1,135,000

Bobcat Enclosure  $1,000,000

Additional Features – Rabbit Habitat: $135,000

Winding down the main path, you spy the zoo’s smaller, yet powerful, wild feline – the bobcat. As he lays in a low den, you question if he is really sleeping, or spying on a rabbit. What you’ll learn before you leave is that this 20-pound cat can take down a full-grown deer!

Cougar Exhibit

Total Construction  $2,095,000

Cougar Enclosure  $1,900,000

Additional Features – Blacksnake with Diorama: $60,000; Fish Pond (underwater view): $135,000; Terrapin Enclosure: $60,000

Your journey continues across Stony Creek and up to a replica hunter’s shack.  As you peer through the glass in search of the cougars, you suddenly realize these apex predators spotted you well before you even arrived.

Grizzly Bear Exhibit

Total Construction  $6,255,000

Grizzly Bear Enclosure  $6,000,000

Additional Features – Blacksnake with Diorama: $60,000; Fish Pond (underwater view): $135,000; Terrapin Enclosure: $60,000

Winding further into the zoo’s expanded footprint, you meet its newest animal member, the mighty grizzly. As it forages along the bank of a small pond – placed strategically in front of the viewing glass – you watch with delight as it pulls honeycomb from a fallen tree.   

Porcupine Exhibit

Total Construction  $720,000

Porcupine Enclosure  $660,000

Additional Features – Wood Beetle & Carpenter Ant Nest: $60,000

Continuing on your journey, you find yourself in front of a most curious inhabitant: the North American porcupine! Scattered about on tree limbs like oversized ornaments, you watch adults and babies alike jostle for the best spots to nap from.     

Red Fox Exhibit

Total Construction  $735,500

Red Fox Enclosure  $600,000

Additional Features – Rodent & Salamander Dioramas: $135,000

Curled up comfortably in his heated den, the vibrant fur of the red fox deepens your appreciation for the beautiful inhabitants that live right in your own backyard.

Gray Wolf Exhibit

Total Construction  $2,085,000

Gray Wolf Enclosure  $1,950,000

Additional Features – Fox-Squirrel Habitat: $135,000

The eerie call of a wolf beckons you to a cabin-themed viewing area. As you enter, a shadow passes in front of the window. You are now face to face with this wonderful creature, and you gain a new appreciation for its beauty. 

Additional Projects

Parking Lot

Total Construction:



One of the most highly anticipated projects the zoo has on its docket is the construction of a new parking lot that will add hundreds of guest spaces.


Savanna Station

Total Construction:



The zoo’s covered giraffe-feeding queue – The Savanna Station – is being converted into an open-air museum, informing guests on the incredible giraffes they are about to feed and the importance of their conservation.


Veterinary Hospital

The construction of a multi-level, public-facing animal hospital is perhaps the most ambitious undertaking to date in Elmwood Park Zoo’s long history.


For more information on any of our Capital Projects, or to talk about how you can lend your support, contact our Development office at 800.652.4143 x229 or x238 or