Annual Appeal


There are many great ways to show your support for Elmwood Park Zoo! Annual Appeal donations guide us through the winter months; gifts to our 100 Years Campaign celebrate our upcoming 2024 Centennial; and contributions to our Master Plan keep us on course as we aim to complete a monumental zoo-wide re-imagination.

Beginning January 2, the Gretz Family Foundation will match donations dollar for dollar, up to $100,000, in an effort to leverage the critical funds needed to support the zoo as it builds a brand new facility that benefits its animals and guests.

Annual Appeal donations are some of the most important of the year. Leading the zoo through the difficult winter months, they provide the means to care for our amazing animals each and every day – rain, snow, sleet or shine.

Consider a $100 Donation in Celebration of our 100 Years!

Along with donations to the Annual Appeal, the 100 Years Campaign supports the zoo’s growth, but comes with a fantastic opportunity to place your name on the Centennial Wall for a lasting legacy within our gates.

100 years ago a core group of individuals had the forethought to protect a piece of Norristown, giving a gift to Montgomery County like none before. Now it’s our turn. Your donation toward our Master Plan makes the next 100 years of Elmwood Park Zoo Possible.

You can also support the zoo through these great programs

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