The proposed education center will provide a new, expanded space for Elmwood Park Zoo educators to perform their life-changing programs, as well as a new ambassador reprieve areas — the integral behind-the-scenes enclosures that house the animals who make our extraordinary educational programs possible.



Elmwood Park Zoo respectfully requests $500,000 to be used toward the construction of a new, onsite education complex, which includes classrooms and education offices, and incorporates the original $250,000 proposed for the creation a state-of-the-art animal-ambassador reprieve and holding facility.



There's no better classroom than the Elmwood Park Zoo — the proposed new education center will add a few of them, providing an incredible learning environment for children of all ages.

Employing dozens of educators, each of whom holds a degree in zoology or biology — including a Director of Education with more than 15 years in zoo education — the new education center will provide larger office space and prep areas for program planning. Extra office space will also allow the zoo's education department to grow into the future.

Education Entrance
Hosting hundreds of thousands of guests — and 1,100 specialized and targeted education programs — is no easy task. The new education entrance will alleviate main-gate guest flow by welcoming our learners through their own special entrance.


With a contribution of $250,000, Elmwood Park Zoo will be able to renovate both its current animal ambassador holding facilities, as well as its current flight cages.

Our amazing educators and their beloved animal ambassadors perform life-changing programs. The expanded Exercise and Reprieve Area will allow us to host several new species of ambassador — like bats, sloths, prehensile-tailed porcupines, and tamandua!
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In addition, the education center will house a newly-expanded raptor-mews area complete with individual holding enclosures and a training facility.

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Hoover, the black vulture has become the the unequivocal darling of the education department's avian animal ambassadors. This rehabilitated bird stands as an inspiration for our students with disabilities as she learns to spread her wings.

Raptor Mews:
Vinyl-coated wire enclosures with pea gravel flooring and wood-slatted intermediary walls.

Mammal & Duck Enclosures:
Vinyl-coated wire enclosures with mulch flooring.

Weathering Yard & Exercise Area:
A 24'x10' space will be framed and entirely enclosed in vinyl-coated wire.


The zoo is proud of its rich history in creating long-lasting and impactful partnerships within the community. These partnerships have led to the production of multifaceted programs focusing on everything from workforce development to therapeutic relief that only our animals can provide.

The new education center will both allow our programs to continue and help foster new relationships to grow into the future.

IBCCES Accreditation:
This accreditation has allowed us to embark on an endeavor to transform into an all-inclusive facility.


MCIU Workforce Development:
The zoo provides supportive activities to help students gain work-place experience — including real-life skills like clocking in, wearing a uniform and checking a schedule.


Ronald McDonald House Charities:
Benefitting regional children's hospitals, the zoo's newly launched distance-learning program brings the zoo to children receiving long-term, in-patient care. Opportunities for partnership have already been secured for Ronald McDonald House, Shriners Hospital and CHOP.


Norristown Takeover Days:
In May 2019 the zoo hosted its first Norristown School District Takeover Day, providing free transportation, free admission and free lunch to over 700 first-grade students, whose families' financial limitations would otherwise preclude a day at the zoo.




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