96 years ago Elmwood Park Zoo began with a small group of volunteers maintaining an even smaller collection of white tailed deer. Today, nearly a century and 150 staff members later, Elmwood Park Zoo has grown to be one of Montgomery County’s largest and most powerful educational and recreational institutions.

In 2024, Elmwood Park Zoo will celebrate its 100th anniversary. A century of education and exhibition fortified by a community of visionaries whose gifts - no matter how large or small- have made the zoo what it is today.

It is because of these donors: our members, friends, and allies, we have been able to survive, thrive, and grow.

We are truly appreciative of those who choose to support us, and although we rely upon the generosity of others, it is something we never take for granted.

So, on behalf of the staff, animals, volunteers and millions of community members who cherish Elmwood Park Zoo, I thank you for your past support and for the opportunity to present “Expansion EPZ” - the future of Elmwood Park Zoo.

Jennifer Conti,
Development Director








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