Elmwood Park Zoo respectfully requests $XXX to be used toward the construction of a new, onsite Education Complex, which includes classrooms and education offices. Continuing to lionize your family's contributions to the zoo and the community, the new education center will have the capacity to educate more students — of all abilities — than ever before.
Education Complex

What's more fun than learning at the zoo?! The proposed new education center will add several new classrooms, providing an incredible learning environment for children of all ages and abilities.

Employing dozens of educators who hold various degrees, certifications and accreditations across the natural-sciences fields — including a Director of Education with more than 15 years in the zoo industry —, the new center will provide larger office space and prep areas for program planning and delivery. Extra office space will also allow the zoo's education department to grow into the future.

Education Entrance
Serving as the new main entry way for scheduled programs and field trips, the new education entrance will alleviate main-gate guest flow by welcoming learners through their own special entrance.

Animal Ambassador Holding Facility
Also included in the Education Complex is a new holding facility for our animal ambassador collection. With this new facility, we can continue to perform our life-changing programs, in addition to adding several new species of ambassadors — like bats, sloths, prehensile-tailed porcupines, and tamandua!

Rescued Ambassador Training Facility
This expanded training facility for our rehabilitated, flighted ambassadors will allow our educators to continue to train their invaluable animal professors, while at the same time helping to revive the trust our rehabilitated animals have in humans.



Raptor Mews:
Vinyl-coated wire enclosures with pea gravel flooring and wood-slatted intermediary walls.

Mammal & Duck Enclosures:
Vinyl-coated wire enclosures with mulch flooring.

Weathering Yard & Exercise Area:
A 24'x10' space will be framed and entirely enclosed in vinyl-coated wire.


Hoover the black vulture has become the unequivocal darling of the education department's avian animal ambassadors. This rehabilitated bird stands as an inspiration for our students with disabilities as she learns to spread her wings.



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