United Way

The United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey drives real community impact in neighborhoods and communities throughout the region. Their goal is to ensure that every individual and family is able to achieve educational success, financial stability and good health.


Elmwood Park Zoo is part of the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey’s Donor Choice Program. Through this program, donations to the United Way can be directed to benefit the zoo through a payroll deduction. You may identify an amount that you wish to donate once or with each pay period. That amount is then automatically deducted from your paycheck. In addition to supporting the zoo, your donation is tax-deductible.


To participate in the Donor Choice Program, contact your Human Resources or Payroll Department and request a Donor Designated Funds Form for the United Way Donor Choice Program. Be sure to enter Elmwood Park Zoo’s Donor Option number when completing the form.


Elmwood Park Zoo is Donor Option #10835


Thank you for your contribution!