Zoo Map

Elmwood Park Zoo Map

The zoo's mission is to foster an appreciation for wildlife and the environment that will inspire active participation in conservation.

Smoking and vaping is prohibited inside the zoo.

  • #1 Giraffe Feeding

    Come face-to-face with the world’s tallest mammal when you hand feed our giant giraffes! Check out the feeding times on our Shows & Attractions page. Presented by Taphouse 23. Fee required. Seasonal/Weather dependent.

  • #2 Junior Inspector Healthy HQ

    The Healthy HQ is the first stop on a journey that will lead you throughout the zoo in search of 4 hidden stations, each one focusing on how the zoo’s animals stay healthy by following the “5-2-1-0” message. Record all 4 stations in your logbook and become an official “Junior Inspector!”

  • #3 Wildlife Lodge

    This indoor exhibit space features a mix of mammals, reptiles and amphibians that hail from all over the globe.

  • #4 Trail of the Jaguar

    An indoor/outdoor exhibit that is home to animals from the American southwest, including the majestic jaguar.

  • #5 Harmony Hideaway

    The home of the zoo’s two-toed sloth and species native to South America.

  • #6 Treetop Adventures

    Climb, zip and swing on over 50 challenge games and zip lines that span up to 50 feet above the ground! Fee required. Seasonal/Weather dependent

  • #7 Connection Corner

    Chat with an Elmwood Park Zoo Educator and meet animals from our Ambassador Collection here. Presented by TD Bank. Seasonal/Weather dependent

  • #8 Carousel

    Enjoy a spin on the zoo’s vintage-inspired, animal-themed carousel. Fee required. Seasonal/Weather dependent

  • #9 Thomas Kimmel Playground

    An interactive play space featuring areas to climb, run, jump, swing, dig and spin!

  • #10 Butterfly Train

    Children will love this train-like ride on a friendly caterpillar that takes them on a journey toward becoming a butterfly! Fee required. Seasonal/Weather dependent

  • #11Thomas Kimmel Percussion Garden

    An interactive play space that encourages children to make beautiful music with giant chimes, drums, and bells.

  • #12 Petting Barn

    Pet and play with the goats and sheep in an enclosed yard outside the zoo’s historic barn. Seasonal/Weather dependent

  • #13 Nature Shop

  • #14 Tosco’s Pizza

  • #15 The Watering Hole

  • #16 Grassland’s Grill

  • #17 Oasis Beverage Bar

  • #18 Twisted Cone Ice Cream

  • #19 Zoo Brew Beer Garden

  • #20 Picnic Grove

  • #21 Security / Guest Services

  • #22 Savanna Station

  • #23 Calle Mae Pavilion

  • #24 Zoo Bowl Theater

  • #25 Canopy Gardens Hall

  • #26 Multi-Purpose Quiet Space

    A dedicated quiet space for individuals or families seeking a rest, with gated access and available seating

  • #27 Oberkircher Discover Center