Zoo Poo

Our expert animal team collects poo from a variety of hoofstock at the zoo. This collection of animals all eat a wide range of different foods consisting of multiple nutrients making for a more enriched product for your garden. We know more about our animals’ poop than you do about yours; our 24/7 vet service keeps ours under constant analysis. So bring home the power of the wild with ZOO POO! 

Zebra, elk, and bison as well as other hoofstock in our animal collection.

Waste from carnivores is not included, due to it taking longer to break down and that it contains less soil-benefiting nitrogen.

Adding fertilizer to your garden is like taking a vitamin. Plants need all kinds of nutrients from the soil to grow and thrive. By adding fertilizer to your garden, you are just giving your plants more nutrients to take in. We recommend using the fertilizer in the spring before planting for vegetables and annual flowers, and after growth has begun for perennials. For best use of the composted zoo poo, mix it in with the top couple of inches of soil to be planted throughout your garden space. The typical rule of thumb is about 40lbs of zoo poo per every 100 square feet of garden space.

Yes it is! A 2 gallon bucket of it!  Zoo Poo is now ready for the 2020 spring season… so get your sh*!t together and order now!

Quantities are limited and will sell out fast, so be sure to buy yours now by clicking the button below!

2 Gallon Bucket – $25

All proceeds go back to feeding our animals and making more poo!