Bobcats are the most common wildcats in North America. A bobcat, like other cats walk so their back feet always match the print of their front feet. This makes their footprints appear as if a two-legged animal created them. Putting their feet in the same spot helps to reduce noise when they are hunting. A bobcat has multiple dens, one of which will be used for hunting. They sit or crouch down in their den, relying on sight and sound to locate prey. Once discovered, they will creep up on their prey, and then attack by sprinting and pouncing on them. A bobcat’s legs and paws allow them to run up to 30 miles per hour. Because a bobcats back legs are longer than its front legs, it has a bobbing-like step. Its distinctive stubby and bobbed cut tail is where the cats name is derived from.

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Location: Trail of the Jaguar

Arrived at EPZ: Moose- 12/18/2009