A giraffe’s long legs and towering neck qualifies it as the world’s tallest mammal. Their neck is composed of seven vertebras, which gives the giraffe’s neck plenty of flexibility and a wide range of movement. Its lengthy legs allow it to sprint short distances at 35 miles per hour. Its prehensile, black tongue is about 20 inches long and is used for grasping foliage, grooming and cleaning its nose. Just like a human fingerprint, a giraffe’s pattern of spots is unique and allows researches to identify them. Their coat also serves as great protection in the wild; it can be distracting to predators and gives them the ability to blend in well with its surroundings in Africa. Giraffe’s individual patterns of spots will appear darker as the giraffe ages.

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Giraffes may not appear during winter/cold days

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Location: First exhibit on the left upon entering the zoo

Arrived at EPZ: 05/25/2016- Dhoruba, 05/26/2017- Mokolo, 05/23/ 2017- Gerald