Two-toed sloths move so deliberately and slowly, they are considered one of the slowest animals on the planet. They range in length from 21 – 29 inches, giving them the size of a small dog. They have four long limbs of equal length, that each end in two curved claws; they use these to hang from trees, usually upside down, for most of their days.

Sloths sleep up to 15 hours a day, and are most active at night, which makes them nocturnal. Their metabolism is very slow as well, and they generally only need to defecate once a week! 

Two-toed sloths have tiny molars that continuously grow, like a human’s hair or finger nails, but their growth is kept under control by the constant grinding and chewing of food.

Find me at EPZ

Location: Harmony Hideaway

Arrived at EPZ: Liana - September 2021