Bubby’s Club Adventure Guide – Adaptations


Check out our River Otter, Rocky showing off his aquatic adaptations as he plays with his enrichment toys!

Rocky uses his four webbed feet and propeller-like tail for faster swimming, and long, narrow body and flattened head for streamlined movement in the water.


A body part, body covering, or behavior that helps an animal to survive in its environment.

My name is Mr. Wilson and I am a bird who likes to swim. What kind of feet do I have?

My name is Wendy and I am a mammal who uses my big head to help shovel away snow so that I can get to the yummy vegetation underneath. What animal am I?

My name is Dynamite and I am a Gila monster. I have long and powerful claws, but they are dull, not sharp. What do I use my claws for?

I am Heri the capybara and I love to swim. My eyes, ears, and nostrils are positioned on a certain part of my head to help me to see and breathe. Where are my eyes, ears, and nostrils located?

My name is Buckwheat and I love to eat fruits, seeds, and nuts. My beak is specially adapted for cracking things open, not for tearing and shredding. What does my beak look like?

My name is George and I am a box turtle. What adaptation(s) do I have that I use for protection? Select all that apply!

My name is Mokolo, and I am a Giraffe who likes to eat the leaves on the tops of trees. What adaptation do I have that helps me do this?


Can you find the words listed below? Use your mouse as a highlighter by clicking and dragging it across the word!



Can you spot the animals hiding in the pictures below? Use your mouse to point to the camouflaged animals!