Group Parking

Bus Parking

Please park buses along Harding Boulevard near our South Gate entrance. Please review the map in regards to about BUS parking and print a copy for your driver/drivers. If your group does not follow the parking instructions you will be asked to pay regular zoo admission before you are able to enter the zoo.  


Bus drivers have free admission and are more than welcome to come into the zoo. They will need to enter with the group and exit with the group. Please coordinate with the group leader for a gathering time at the South Gate for departure. After all the groups have arrived we lock the gates at South Gate for zoo guest safety.  The gates will be unlocked when your group is ready to go back to the buses to depart. When you arrive, after you are off the buses, please be sure to give your “departure time” to the Manager checking in groups at South Gate. Your departure time is the time you would like to have the gates at South Gate unlocked to allow you to go back to the bus.

Car Parking

If you have anyone arriving separately from the group (arriving in their own cars) and meeting you at the zoo please have them park their cars in our regular parking lot, not South Gate.  Once the zoo opens they will be able to enter through the main entrance and join the rest of the group inside the zoo.  At no time should cars be going to the South Gate.  Also, please advise the parents/chaperones who are arriving separately from the group to not congregate at the main entrance to wait for the rest of the group/chaperones. This is a fire lane and needs to be kept clear.  Please choose a spot inside the zoo for the group to meet up with chaperones. You are welcome to use the zoo map to figure out a spot for your group to meet up with the chaperones. 



Please note that if you are visiting on a Tuesday, which is street cleaning day, the buses/ vehicles will not be able to park along Harding Boulevard after drop-off and will need to find parking elsewhere.  Buses will not be permitted to park in the zoo parking lots at this time.  They can move back after 12pm once street cleaning is complete so that pick-ups can occur back at South Gate. When your group is ready to leave, please exit through the South Gate for your buses/ vehicles to pick your group up.