Membership FAQ

Q: What is a Single Day Member?
A: Single Day Members are guests that receive admission to the Zoo for one full day. They receive regular access to animal exhibits and education displays. They do not receive any of the benefits available to Yearly Members.

Q: How do I become a Yearly Member?
A: You can purchase a Yearly Membership online, by calling our Membership Coordinator at 800.652.4143 x 221, or in person at the zoo admissions counter.

Q: When does my Yearly Membership start?
A: Your membership begins at the time of purchase and lasts for one year. 

Q: I bought my Yearly Membership online or over the phone. When do I receive my card?
A: The Zoo does not mail cards. You must bring your proof of purchase and a valid form of I.D. to the Zoo’s admission counter or Membership Services window in order to receive your membership card. 

Q: How long does my Yearly Membership last?
A: Memberships are valid for one year through the end of the month they are purchased (ex: If you purchase your membership at the Zoo on May 14, 2019 the expiration date is May 31, 2020).

Q: Why do I need to show my photo I.D. when I come to the Zoo?
A: Presenting photo I.D. ensures that the name on the membership card matches the name on the I.D. and prevents membership misuse.

Q: Can I bring guests with my Yearly Membership?
A: Depending on the level of the Yearly Membership you have chosen, the number of people admitted varies. Guests are permitted with Senior, Individual, Zoo for Two, Family Plus, and Family & Friend memberships. At least one person whose name appears on the card must be present for each visit. Guests must be accompanied by a member. Children 2 years old and younger are always free, and therefore do not count as a member’s guest. Yearly Members receive a $2.00 discount on single-use admission tickets for those that exceed the number allowed with the membership.

Q: Can my children use the Yearly Membership without me?
A: No. At least one adult whose name appears on the card must be present for the Yearly Membership to be used. If your children visit with someone other than the cardholder, they will be charged zoo admission.

Q: Can I change my yearly membership level?
A: You may upgrade your membership at any time by paying the difference between your current level and new level. Upgrading will not affect the expiration date of your membership. You may upgrade your membership at Zoo admissions or by calling 800.652.4143 x 240.

Q: I lost my yearly membership card, how do I get a new one?

A: Replacement cards can be purchased at the Membership Services window at zoo admission. Replacement cards have a fee of $5.00. Photo I.D. is required as proof of membership.

Q: How many yearly membership cards are included with my membership?
A: Family & Friend memberships include two cards because there are three adults named on the card. All other memberships include one card. If you wish to have more than one card, you can purchase additional cards for $5.00 each.

Q: Can I use my Elmwood Park Zoo Yearly Membership at other zoos and aquariums?
A: Yes. Elmwood Park Zoo Yearly Memberships have reciprocity at over 100 zoos and aquariums around the country. Please keep in mind that most locations are not free, and that an EPZ Yearly Membership may only be valid for discount admission. For more information and a list of participating locations, click here.

Q: My current Yearly Membership is still active. Can I purchase a new Yearly Membership during one of your sales?
A: Yes; if you are a current member and you purchase a new or renewed Yearly Membership, your expiration date will be extended by a year. If your renewal is an upgrade to a higher Yearly Membership level, your new benefits will begin at the start of the month of your current membership’s expiration.

Q: Can I purchase a Yearly Membership as a gift for someone else?
A: Yes, gift Yearly Memberships can be purchased online, in-store or over the phone. Your purchase will include a receipt that lists both the recipient/member’s name as well as the purchaser’s name.

Q: How will my gift recipient get their Yearly Membership card?
A: For online and phone purchases, please send a copy of your proof of purchase to the recipient for them to bring to the zoo’s admission window to receive their membership card. For in-store purchases, you will be given their membership cards. 

Q: What is the difference between a Single Day Membership and a Yearly Membership. 
A: A Single Day Membership is valid for Zoo admission on any single day of your choosing during regular operating hours. A Yearly Membership is valid for Zoo admission every day throughout the year from the moment of its purchase. 

Q: I paid for a Single Day Membership and then decided to purchase a Yearly Membership. Can my Single Day Membership cost be applied to my Yearly Membership?
A: Yes, your Single Day Membership cost can be applied toward a yearly membership, however only if the Yearly Membership is purchased on the same day as your visit. The receipt must be presented and surrendered at the time of purchase. Only the qualifying Single Day Membership cost can be applied to the Yearly Membership.

Q: Is my Yearly Membership tax deductible?
A: A portion of your membership cost may be tax deductible. Please consult a tax professional for more information.

Q: Is my Yearly Membership refundable? 
A: No. All Yearly Memberships are non-refundable.

Q: If I purchase a Yearly Membership before a sale, can I get the difference refunded?

A: No, all purchases are final.