Adopt an Animal

Connect with your favorite Elmwood Park Zoo animal through this unique and fun program! When you become a “ZooParent,” you donate to the direct care and feeding of select animals in the zoo’s collectionZooParents provide the funds for the zoo to purchase special toys and treats for their animals to enjoy. Your donation helps to pay for the considerable amount of food – anything from crickets to bales of hay – that the zoo’s animals like to eat. Remember, a portion of your gift is tax deductible! Become a ZooParent today!

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.

How to enroll

The following is a complete list of all of the animals available for adoption. Click on your preferred animal below to start your ZooParent enrollment.

American Alligator
American Bison
Bald Eagle
Red Panda
Great Horned Owl
River Otter

When you adopt an animal, your support will be recognized for one year. You may sign up in one of the following ways:

Elmwood Park Zoo Animal Adopt
1661 Harding Blvd., Norristown, PA 19401


ADOPT Packages


$ 35
  • Digital Adopt Certificate
  • Digital Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website


$ 75
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Small Plush Animal


$ 200
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Large Plush Animal
  • 2 Zoo Passes
  • Name on ZooParent Board


$ 500
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Large Plush Animal
  • 4 Zoo Passes
  • Name on ZooParent Board
  • Cotton Canvas Tote Bag


$ 1000-1200
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Large Plush Animal
  • 4 Zoo Passes
  • Name on ZooParent Board
  • Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
  • 2 Tickets to Beast of a Feast OR Brunch Event OR Treetop Adventures
  • Animal Meet & Greet (max. 2 guests)
  • Name on Display at Exhibit

Adoption certificates, animal fact sheets and photos are now available to download at all adoption levels (excluding Group adopts) as soon as you complete your enrollment. Click on the link in your emailed receipt to download your materials. 

Group Adopts

Group adopts are perfect for schools, clubs, businesses and organizations that want to support the zoo! Groups must have at least 15 members and may not exceed 150 members. Groups that have more than 150 members may purchase additional packages to accommodate all members.

Group Adopt Package Benefits:

*Valid for one free child admission with paying adult

**Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer

***Mention your Group Adopt purchase when speaking with our Events coordinator to receive your visit discount

current zooparents


Michael, David and Christopher Connor
Penny Anselm
The Padden Family
Amelia Carpenter
Reid Cisar
Dennis & Liz Ritaldato
Erin Tysko
Brody Stocker
Matt Van Fossen
Ash M Simpson
Kathy Achuff
Melissa and Henry
Angelica Saunders
Owen & Logan Montemuro
Margaret Martinez
Duncan Manners
Brayden A. Baranich
Brent Weaver
Donnie Tracy

Jack & Max Blitzstein
Jonathan Clement

Nicole Sachs
Bruce Errington
Stella Fonseca

Avner Perloff
Xavier Wallace
Elisa Marie Sigismondo
Parker McKnett
William Jack
Jake & Vivien Retano
Jimmy White

George C. Newman
Brayden and Aria
Hunter and Sydney Baggetta


Alyssa Settefrati
Wendy D. O’Toole
Susan K Howard and Gene R Frank, PhD
Heather Rafa
Elaine D. Zelley
Adam & Remy

Hanson Family

Matt Wasilauski

Maya D’Alleva

Lana Korkus
Avery Crooks
Quentin and Jude Buckley
Ryleigh and Kaelyn Seelal


Cassie Yeng


Matt Miller

Captain Ron’s Diving

Leo & Owen

Domino Hayburn
Michael Nitowski
Lisa Bandur
Edward Rutkowski

Emma Yaccarino

Terri Messina
Maya D’Alleva
Walt & Pat Debes

Cara Hayako Eckenrode
Amelia, Alyssa and Corey

Harper Trainor

Southampton Free Library


Michael Cerino
The Snyder Family
Dee Phillips
Chase Cisar
Janet Lentz
Siddhant Hankare
Lex Beatty
Miles Kaucher
George Guest
Michael Feeney
Siah Allen Giles
Sean M. Kane
Dawn McGhee
Christie Lopez
Jeffrey T. Steen
Andrew Torre

Leo & Owen
Elizabeth Foster

Grayson Line
Dominic Grasso
Elaine & Gary Touchton
Scott Walker
Clarke Rupert
Trevor-Grant Pressor
Emma Yaccarino
Beth & James Wysoczanski
David Smith
Emma Jane Ruth

Rebecca Whitton
Marcus Paret


Donna Stauffer & Nathan Haring
Quinn Roche
Math Kate
Teagan Mendel 

Joseph Pcolinsky

Paul Chapman
McKinna Davis
Hank Bird
Jackie & Marshall Tolins
Ryan Kim
Carson Prey-Harbaugh


Michael Heasley
Sharon Dreslin
Magdalena Cerino
Andrew Cvitanov
Aadi Patel
Nicole C. Wilson, P.E.
Bill & Joan Grizos
Andrew W Werner
Tanya Weaver
Kira Stocker
Joe Welte
Samantha Wasilauski & Scarlett Magrath
Donald R. McLean
Cameron Lerner
Ryan Maier
Blake Hauk
Dave Gustafson
Cole Ellis
Christmas 2020
Parker & Quinn Family

Maddie C.

Scott Magers


JD Baklycki
Jaxson A. Miner
Lacey Hayburn
Vicki Slotterback

Erica Davidson

Emma Yaccarino
Rowan Wallace

Hunter R. Lees
Ann Downey

Terri Messina

Robyn Hartnett

Corey Chidley


Nancy Pushart
Kathryn Lexer
Jacob D. Snyder

Candy Yuile
Jessenia Y. Duarte
Kate Malcolm
Hudson Kinzer
Karin & Dan Czaplicki
Colin Krady
Brayden Decker
Sue Coia
Cyle Cooper
Paul A. Nye

Sarah Kate Duffy
Girl Scout Troop 22088

Alexis Bauer
Bryan and Jen Pecherek
Addison Blair
Kira Stocker
Mary D’Ambrosia
Kingsley Brown
Monica A. Snader
Abby D’Alleva
Liam Culleton
Maya Sheats
Lillie Johnson
Olivia Catizone
The Clark Family
Olivia Novelli
Amanda & Benedict Casale
Stuart Michaud
Julia Caffrey
Karen Dodd
Erin Ronan
Greg Hutelmyer
Lynn & Jack Mills
Lori Skibjak
Kelsea N. Baranich
Ellie A. Read
Tracy Dildine
Carson Alexander
Katelyn Tracy
Mack Patterson
Joan “Meemo” Irwin
Vivienne Vrana
Sabrina Haasis
Max McKenna
Sue Radomski
Kristi Paul
Nicolas Monteleone
Rylee Morris

Kathy Dirksen

Nicky Signoretta



The Johnstonbaugh’s
Morgan Wilcox
David Kusmiesz
Colleen Boutcher
Sarah Pons
Alex Cohen
Aubrey Quinn
Bella, Gemma, Gage
Julianna Stuckey
C. Barnes
Michael Gallagher

Ashlyn Roth

Ryan Cowper

Jackson Thorpe
Mya & Emery Frazier
Mila Kundu
Rothholz Family
Jackson Alexander Sisman
Miss. DiTore’s 2nd Grade Class
Maria Angelina
Mya & Emery Frazier
Harrison Uehling
Lucy Holody
Barbara and Cynthia
Holly Green
Rebecca and Xavier Holley
Burke Family

Deb & Dave Buckley

Brittany Kranick
Owen T. Auchey
Rowan & Everett
Millie and Ozzie
The Puppers
Lisa M Snyder
Molly Myers
Emerson Presser
Amy Mangle
Kelsey Breisch
Aiden Miles Benton
Riley Hess
Joshie & Fahy VanReed
Riley Hess
Greycen Macen Jacen
Brad Barry
Erika & Mallory
Mrs. Endy
Katie Miller
Charlotte Shepherd
Abby D’Alleva
Sgt. Thomas P. Johnson
Lisa Slata
Juniper Connelly
Harper Gambles
Avery Groleau
Andrea Houlihan
Aria Richards
Chase Caplin

Deibler Virtual Dolphins


Christoper M. Kroger
Edie Durning
Henry Perloff
Skye Young
Lisa & Shawn McLaughlin
Audrey Pachuta
Clark Miller
Nicole G. Criswell
The Lee Parker Children
Tim & Vickie Wadas
Mrs. Aptacy’s Second Grade Class
Genevieve Vrana
Anne-Marie and Tom Drill
Andrew James
Sue McDonald

Uncle Joe Tomedi

Susan Donovan

Monica Miller
Quinn Robinson

In memory of Patricia Schmel

Harrison Thorpe


Howard Wack
Bob Brown
Henry Hatalski

Susie Hawkins

Rice Family

Charley Kalemjian

Katie Outtrim

A Temple Owl
Terri Messina

Lucas Presser

Sarah Yaccarino
A Rice Owl
Rebecca Bricklin
Terri Messina
Bob Brown
Otto K.
Jim Morrison

Upper Merion Middle School – Community of Caring Club


Rob, Sarah, and Sylvia DeAngelis
Dorman Products IT Leadership Team
Maggie Potocnik
Sandra McLean
Nikki Rineer
The Marsh Family
Josephine L. LaRoche
Drew Bellenger

Sara Washburn
Emily Ronan
Ellstrom Family
Dominic Pumo
Owen Keller
Rhys Keller
Maddie C.
Dexter Lerner
Rhys Anderson
Evan Pistilli
Morgan Maier
Amelia Monte
Louisa Ferrara
Abigail Tracy
Braeden Williamson
Logan Reed

 Lillian S.

The Heffner Family

Monica Stevens
Jose, Lisa & Eva Cruz

Caden Hoch

Harper Morgante

Joseph Staerk
Sue McDonald
Anna, Eric, David

Jace Michael
Crew McKenna
Lucia Grasso

Hannah Newell
Sarah Yaccarino
Mason A. Beyer
Gavin Lacoff
Margaret, EmmaLynn & Lilyanne Brinton

Melissa Bleam

Fran Leyenberger

Beata M

Kara McCoy

Travis R. DeFazio

Daniel Moran

Charlotte Hange
The Marin Family
Emily Rupp
Evan O’Donnell

Nicole Sachs
Savannah Hiles


Theresa Kleinschmidt


Izzie Greger
Rosalyn J Barndt
The Lockett Family

Hank Bird
The Korpel Family

Mia Rosner

Alyson and Steve Amsterdam

Carrie & Eric Meeker

Mike Ginsberg


Logan T
Carrie E. Meeker
Elizabeth Black
Lucy and Bennett Hamm
Rita Flaherty
Suzanne & Doug Shank
Jennifer Pizza-Doherty
Chris Bruno
Gwen LeSage
Benjamin Bodle
Bob Lucas

Sharon Uliana
Renee Monarchi

Brody Stocker

Rollins Whitten


Clinton Tramontana



Jim Bahleda and Stacey Lauer

Ashley Broudy

Seth Kauffman
Ryan & Jamie Lazaras
Alison Webb
Mia Smith
Jacob Hentz
Angelina Scanlon
Dylan Morano
Renee Monarchi
Kristen Gulla
Rachel Kohn & Brett Torgan
Christian Gagliardi
The Miller’s
Shanna Cross-Jeral
Kenny Hyers
Alison Mayer
Lynn McKee

Emily Alzamora
Brianna Mulrennan
Elaine & Gary Touchton


Emily S.

DJ Tasca

William Lombardo

Olivia Roth


Kristi Paul

Karl Fuchs
Makayla & Braden

Owen Montemuro
Lauren, Amanda and James Rowley
Maria Tees

Ashley Hunter
Jennifer Schuff
Fiona Seibert
Alison Webb
Ethan Fox
Devon & Courtney Neeld
Sarah Yaccarino
Charli Schultz
Oliver Mallory
Kensey Newell
Forrest Covin
Luca & Penelope
Hannah Gross-Eskin

Ellie & Jack

Terri Messina

Lynn McKee

Sara Reznor

Mrs. McAnulty’s Class

Megan Outtrim

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Vivian Junnier
The Browns
Connor C
Leanne Maunu
Amanda O’Keefe
Taylor, Paige, Aiden, and Brielle
Judi Fennell
Dylan Ferri
The McCain Family
Eric Abraham
G8 Class Pet
Tiffany Robinson
Alexander Kohler
Briana Humphries
St. John’s Children’s Sunday School
Josh Sharp
Emma D’Alleva
Lucy Connelly

Joe Joe Fritz
Brian Musetti
Samantha, Margaret, Emmalynn & Lilyanne Brinton
Jamie Bainbridge
Dawn Smith
Mr. Otterton
Chunks Osman



Jeffrey C. Mason
JJ & Kayla
Mackenzie Mohr
Shawn & Nikki Kurnik
The Vidal Family
Tina Hutchison
Alexander B. Snyder
Ronna and Dale Stoe
Mrs. Weaver’s Seminar
Marcus Edwards
Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Staff and the Class of 2021
Gianna Melendez and Tim Herman

In Memory of Christopher Fisher
Grace Roche
Whitney Decker
Evan Cisar
Marie Reichardt
Jack, Will & Alice
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Woolf
Graeme Crandley

Drew Duffy


Drs. Charles & Brittney Vite

Greg DeNicola
Michalina Bickford
Evie Bellenger

Gwen LeSage
Kat Beatty
Andrew Merkel
Rebecca Martinez
Penny Linsinbigler
Kaylie Sheats
Jade Robledo and Kyle Sine
Sammi Bright
The King Family
Brian Kelly
Julia Wickstrom
Brady McKenzie
Angela Appel Docktor
Tim Norwood
Kristen Catalano
Grace Aliberto
Angelina Scanlon
The Young Family
Keira Maier
Estella Nunez
Karen Nines
Madelyn Williamson
Alexandra Makara
Ariella Centofanti
Kaley Fisher
Kindergarten class at Adath Israel
Heidi Magrath
Paul Hoch
Emily Clement
Sadie Mayer
Amanda Funk
Cami Samuel
Memory of Callie Mae
Cadyn Norberg
Rachel Grieb


Amber & Leana Miller

Megan Monhollan

Abigail Sterchak

Nathaniel and Juliet Moffett

Ava Paret

Happy Zen Mama

Hannah Weinberg

Malina Korkus

Hunter Burns

Ryder Compton

Anthony Novelli

Brandon Bailey
Landon Peet

Alexandra Wolsiefer

Erica Rodriguez

Fran Moriarity
Lauren Murray
Colin & Penelope Gieske
The Doyle Family
Reed Sorenson

Norah Perloff

Memphis Freed
Madison Minnion
Jimmy Ferrante
Oma Trudy
Laura Shulder

Adam David
Jason and Sabrina
Bailey E Whalen
Max Meyr
RedPanda Earth
H.M. Hayburn
Maggie and Darcy Forman
Damian Grasso
Laila Grushka
Uncle Mark

Olivia Fox

Sofia Wallace
James Kunkle
Jennifer Franklin
Philip Radomski, Jr.

Abby Maya Emma

Nathan Vanlalpeksanga

Tim Hayburn

Kimberly Hartman

MaryJane Laskey

Terri Messina

Leo McCoy

Samantha Brinton

Kim Newell

Lara Smith
Steph & Ryan
Brittany O’Keefe
Zavian Miller
Kayla Neufer
Monica Balchunas
Patricia Achuff
Sloane Presser
Avery Lutz
Marie Fazio
Julia Miller
Andrew Kohler
Jerry and Molly
Vivien O’Donnell
Ava Paret
Ava Thorn-Kessler
Ashley Tyler
Evie Connelly

Brody Holder
“Lexus” Cadmus
2021 Children of America Graduates
Erin Feld
Liesl Okuda
Gable Cadmus
Lexus Cadmus
Lee Wlodarczyk
RedPanda Earth
Mrs. Sasso’s First Grade Class

Harper Trainor

Avery Lynn
Girl Scout Troup #7157
Alpha Eta Sigma Rhoer Club


Kelsey Taylor McGuire
Noah Cusack
Quinn J.  Kilborn
Marianne Dellaquila & Family
Samantha Godshall
Margot McQueen
Sahara and Huxley
Showers By Design
The Green Family
The Gutberlet Family

Carrie E. Meeker
Ally & Pepper
Susan T. Miller
Joey Piccinini
Donna Hasselmo
Paul and Linda Gordon
Kevin Horowski
Henderson Family
Jenn Lyons & Stella Lyons-Rebain
Aubrey Ogden
Carly Gustafson
Vivian & Ben Cook
Adam & Remy
Mikaela Archuleta
Izabella Bernard

Joseph McCreavy
Bella Neumann
Ben Bodle
Kara Haney
John Trotman, Jr.
Andrea Lynn Minton
Liam, Molly, Miles & Emmett Vincent
Madden, Alden & Aliza Kramer
Eadin McAllister
Amy Mangle
Becky Ellstrom
Diana Torralvo

Sharon Davidock
Eve and Cora KraftMK Rea
Andrea Gibble
Anthony Heffner
Samuel Nunez
Faye Brubaker
AJ & Erica Scheirer
The Bissell Family
Mommy Mandi Yensan
Gina Makara
John X. Southard
Ashley Fisher
Aubrey Hartz
Jasmine Carr
Jack Courtright
Amanda Hoch
Amber Bird
Kayla Weil
The Sheldon Family
Jonathan Ewonishon
Aaron Jeremy Bilash
Alexandria Kraft
Teagan Sorenson
Christine Juliano
Proof & Ops {SPL}oth
Evan Shaw

Molly Kerth
Samantha Jane Reese

Kristi Rae Keebler
Future Mr. & Mrs. Afflerbach
Lilly and Miranda Ruppert
Dorrene Brown
Jessica Swanson
Cierra Snyder

Liam Gage
Erin Feld