Adopt an Animal

Connect with your favorite Elmwood Park Zoo animal through this unique and fun program! When you become a “ZooParent,” you donate to the direct care and feeding of select animals in the zoo’s collectionZooParents provide the funds for the zoo to purchase special toys and treats for their animals to enjoy. Your donation helps to pay for the considerable amount of food – anything from crickets to bales of hay – that the zoo’s animals like to eat. Remember, a portion of your gift is tax deductible! Become a ZooParent today!

How to enroll

The following is a complete list of all of the animals available for adoption. Click on your preferred animal below to start your ZooParent enrollment.

American Alligator
American Bison
Bald Eagle
Great Horned Owl
Red Panda
River Otter

When you adopt an animal, your support will be recognized for one year. You may sign up in one of the following ways:

Elmwood Park Zoo Animal Adopt
1661 Harding Blvd., Norristown, PA 19401

Click to Download

ADOPT Packages


$ 35
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website


$ 75
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Small Plush Animal


$ 200
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Large Plush Animal
  • 2 Zoo Passes
  • Name on ZooParent Board


$ 500
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Large Plush Animal
  • 4 Zoo Passes
  • Name on ZooParent Board
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle OR Cotton Canvas Tote Bag


$ 1000
  • Adopt Certificate
  • Fact Sheet & Photo
  • Name on Website
  • ZooParent Decal
  • Large Plush Animal
  • 4 Zoo Passes
  • Name on ZooParent Board
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle OR Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
  • 2 Tickets to Beast of a Feast OR Brunch Event OR Treetop Adventures
  • Animal Meet & Greet
  • Name on Display at Exhibit

Adoption certificates, animal fact sheets and photos are now available to download at all adoption levels (excluding Group adopts) as soon as you complete your enrollment. Click on the link in your emailed receipt to download your materials. 

Group Adopts

Group adopts are perfect for schools, clubs, businesses and organizations that want to support the zoo! Groups must have at least 15 members and may not exceed 150 members. Groups that have more than 150 members may purchase additional packages to accommodate all members.

Group Adopt Package Benefits:

  • Animal fact sheet
  • 8"x10" photo of your animal
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Website recognition
  • Group name displayed on ZooParent board
  • Coupon for each group member*
  • Discount group admission rate of $10.95/person**

*Valid for one free child admission with paying adult

**Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer

current zooparents

Schaeffer Bartlett

Petrina A. Boady

The Bombara Family

Eli Weinberg

Matthew & Mason Falcone

Brody Stocker

Riley Anderson

Zachary Zappo
Joey White
Aidan Clements
The Girardi Family

Wendy Decker

Colin and Nolan Minehan

Ben Mangle

The Marsh Family

Beren Alistair Coulter-Thourley
Backyard Productions
Edward Rutkoski

Domenick DiStefano

Steven Pirelli

Andrew Werner

In Memory of Russell McNamee
Jacob DiCicco

Carter McGuigan

Kelly Santry

Theresa and Kevin Kleinschmidt

Justin Kerley

Jason DiSands

Kyra Mangle
Ed & Elaine Green
E. Farina

Harper McGonigal
Vincent Gilsenan
Matthew Cresswell
Frank Carr
Lex Beatty
Miles Kaucher

Stefan Thoryk
George J. Treisbach

Thomas Heibeck

Maria L Mandras

Karen Zinno

Natalie Rose Peterson

Kathleen McNamee
Chazz V Lopez

Christine Hamer
Wendy & Randy Spaide

Alyssa Settefrati
The Gutberlet Family
Donna Stauffer & Nathan Haring

Carrie & Eric Meeker

Alyson and Steve Amsterdam

The Woolf Family

Kathy Achuff
Harrison Peet
Alyssa Mattucci
John Gormley

Tara Hamblen

Rose Marie White

Caroline Cherekos
Ricky Reeve
Declan Philip Cooley

Meghan Campolongo


Katie Fry
Hannah Williams

Robert C. Brown

William Grizos
Grant Velho
La Mirage Salon, Ltd

Dr.William & Mrs. Joan Grizos
Caroline Cherekos

Liz Machella

Tommy Kuczynski

Matt and Elizabeth Shields
Josie Landgarten
Crystal Lopez
Becky Ellstrom
Eva Green
Finn Volpe
Emma Yaccarino

Stephanie Druid

Hunter R. Lees

Victor Skloff
Wendy & Randy Spaide

Kathleen McNamee

Melanie M.

Samantha Dugan
Halle Redman

Margaret Rhodes
Jax Sisman
Madeline Reynolds
Nicole Hughes
Addison Blair

Bill Richards
Lorraine Bernhardt
Nathaniel and Braeden Roache
Hailey Wood
Florence Griffin
April Jankowski
Laura Lynn Denson

Pete and Pavlina Noteman

Antonia Benakis

Lynda Shuster

The Doyle Family

Lynne Aversano
Alyssa Brown
Analise Beatty
Reagan O’Brien
Olivia Roth
Kathy DiPrinzio
Ellie Gengemi

Chloe Conwell
Joan Heintzelman

Makenzie Kaucher
The Autry Grandchildren
Kira Stocker


Eve and Cora Kraft

Mary D’Ambrosia

Izzy Ingersoll

Brooke Thompson

Brielle Simone

Amora Verden

Aubrey Thomas

Cheryl Keeth

Carol E Dutill

Brad Barry
Melissa Prendergast
Regina Ramage
Julia and Olivia
Simmons Shumway
Nick Soto
Elaine Gelb

In Memory of Edith McNamee

Maggie Calcagni

Alayne and Bill Lowenberger
Woman’s Club of Whitpain

Michael, David, & Christopher Connor

The Runyons

Philip W. Grece V

Alana & Tyler Burns

Hobbs Hall
Kat & Keely

Joe Frack
Michael Scavello
Dane Icolibaba

Glenn Hubler
The Bengston Family
Maisie Moffitt
Emily Hayes
Ava Dobilas
Elle Melanson
Cameron J. Cairns
Alexander Drummond
Victor Skloff
Pat Kairunas
Naomi Sayers


Lea Ras

Riley Anderson

Isobel Owens

Louisa Ferrara

Natalie Weaver

Dylan Ingersoll

Carole Skorpinski

Josephine L. LaRoche

Carol Murray
Dr. Andrew
Sarah Yaccarino
Allison Iacovella

Nicole Sachs
Hudson Buck
Mercer Elementary School

Usha Jani

Mrs. Gifoli’s 2nd Grade 2017-2018

Norma Earp

Stacey Lotito

Jennifer Doorey
Adilynn Golas
Ski & Judy Baigis
Rita Flaherty

Edie Durning
Joey Peace
Rosie Stanley
Corrin Ferrizzi
Gwen LeSage

Laura Bolin
Kalah Ingle

Carmen Aversano

Steve and Mark

Kimber Zerweck
Caydi Conway
Debbie Wheatley
Melissa + Henry 
Kevin & Kyra
Wimmer Family

Izzie Greger
Jamie Thornburg
Benjamin Bodle
Bob Lucas
Bonnie Sassaman

Sharon Uliana

Soren Detweiler

Nahni Kirk

Caitlyn Asmann

Christopher T Perks

Janelle Rettig

Dave, Laura, Lincoln and Luna

Renee Monarchi

Kristen Gulla
Alex + Kelly Moquin
Mrs. Hepler’s Class

Rosie Volpe
Riley Roeger
Sarah Beckner
Dr. Andrew
Michele Benchouk
Erin Marie Kelley
Debbie Mullen
Annie Glodek

Wesley Loch

Carson Cianciulli
St. Andrew’s VBS

Girl Scout Troop 2125

MOMS Club of Norriton

Grace Dobilas
The Millers

Mr. Crain’s 2nd Grade Class 2017-18

Nicholas Falcone

Mrs. Brabazon’s 2nd Grade Class 2017-2018

Michael Ashby

Spencer Cox
Diane Heidel
Chris and Kurt Saulinas
William + Marcus Lombardo
Carli Chesney and Steven Burkert
Broccoli Rob
Layla M.

Ronna & Dale Stoe

Debbie, Patrick, Chris, Brian, and Megan Capobianco
The Capobianco Family

Kalinda Solomon

Michael, David, & Christopher Connor

Rebecca H. Grece

Kayla Strawn and Eric Marhefka

Jeffrey Wheeler

The Carothers Family

Mickey Bickford

Ryan Weinberg
Jasen Walker & Esther Weiss

Stella Rebain and Jenn Lyons

Brad Drago
Russell Cerino

Drew Duffy
Gwen LeSage
Mrs Sharon Danella

Fletcher Bullivant

Scot Fazio

Taylor & Paige Bergey and Aiden & Brielle Smith
Lynda + Steve Shuster
Jenna Loper
Bennett Heathcote
Ariana Wickert
Jeff + Kate
Kira Kerr and Mattie Long
Thomas Beatty
Alex Given

Nia Burke
Kevin Donnell

Alyssa Sassaman

Reed Gleba
Kat Beatty
Caleb Dorr
Emerson Dorr

Thomas Ras

Elin Detweiler

Cooper Seymour

Violet Thoryk

Bengston Family

Liam Declan Dougherty

Sean Michael Flynn

Emma Farrell

Andrade-Ferraro Family

Beatrice Volpe

Aidan Schools
Jimmy Heffernan



Becky Ellstrom

The Murphy’s

Kennedy & Brynn Kreckmann
Adriana Lacovara
Marie and John Lang

Aimee Keser

Liesl Okuda
Lexus Cadmus
The Shappell Family
Matt Milano
Patricia Achuff
The Lee and Parker Children
Janice A. Simpson
Elena Butler

Carrie Hoskins and Mikey Funk

Christina Milano

Cole Devlin

Rick Swalm
Giorgina Alicea
Jie Wu
The Lines Family
Trudy Levy


Terry Vaughan
Dr. Susan Chialastri
Nancy Mitsos

Helen Scott
Jamie Simmons
Delaney Rae Johnson
Riley O’Brien

Craig, Jennifer, and Jacob Miller

Cate Volpe

Antonio Basile

Heidi Neuhauser

Harper and Nora

Maria L Mandras

Scott Howett

Southampton Free Library Community

Miya & Avery Freas
Samantha Biesel

Kathy Achuff