Zip Lining Near Philadelphia

Elmwood Park Zoo is proud to offer the first zip line near Philadelphia with the opening of its all-new Treetop Adventures. Treetop Adventures provides you with a unique experience and various challenges with brand new courses and activities high in the trees in and around the Elmwood Park Zoo. For zip lining near Philadelphia, you no longer have to travel hours away! Whether you are a zip lining connoisseur or just a beginner, a thrill-seeking adult or an active child, you'll love the rush of being high above the ground overlooking the animals of the Elmwood Park Zoo.

When you're looking for fun things to do in Montgomery County, PA, the activities at Elmwood Park Zoo and Treetop Adventures can't be beat. Treetop Adventures is your best bet for zip lining near Philadelphia and will give all the excitement you can possibly handle! Bring your friends, bring the kids, and zip line as high as 50 feet above the ground.

Children will love the course built just for them; at only a few feet off the ground, this fun series of games will delight and entertain the youngest adventure lovers. Parents have the option to walk along with their child or watch the fun from the observation deck. There's no better option to zip line near Philadelphia than Treetop Adventures.

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