Elmwood Park Zoo’s Official Mascot

Bubby’s Story

Years ago, Bubby the Bison lived at the Elmwood Park Zoo. As the youngest of all the bison, he was selfish, rambunctious, and very messy. The rest of the bison became fed up with Bubby and asked him to leave the Zoo. They said that he could return once he learned how to respect both the environment and his peers. Bubby began to travel the world, in search of a place where he could fit in.

Throughout his journey he learned many valuable lessons about conservation and the importance of being courteous to others. When he made his way back to Elmwood Park Zoo, Bubby impressed not just the bison, but all of the Zoo’s animals with his generosity and care for the environment. It was then decided that Bubby would be the official mascot of the Zoo so that he could share his newfound knowledge with everyone who visits.

About Bubby

Bubby lives in a very colorful house located near Elmwood Park Zoo’s bison exhibit; be sure to look for it next time you’re at the Zoo! Bubby has his own vehicle called the “Green Machine” – it’s electric and does not pollute the environment like a traditional gas-powered vehicle. You can usually find Bubby walking or driving around the Zoo, making friends with everyone he meets.

You may have also seen Bubby around town, as he loves to participate in community events and parades!

Bubby loves to get mail! His mailbox is located just outside of his house and nothing excites him more than seeing letters inside. If you want to write Bubby a letter, you can drop it off in his mailbox next time you visit the Zoo, or you can mail it to:
    Bubby the Bison
    Elmwood Park Zoo
    1661 Harding Blvd
    Norristown, PA 19401

Meet Bubby

Bubby makes daily appearances to meet and take photos with guests! You can catch Bubby outside of his house at the following times (appearances are seasonal and weather permitting):
  • Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (every hour on the hour for 30 minutes)
  • Friday - Sunday: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (every hour on the hour for 30 minutes)
Have Bubby at your next event! Bubby the Bison is available to make appearances at schools, birthday parties, company events, and much more! Bubby will even bring along treats for the kids! Bubby appearances are 1 hour long, including two breaks. Bubby will take pictures with all of the children at the party and his keeper will host an activity session during Bubby’s breaks. Call Bubby's agent at 610.277.3825 x 241 to schedule today!

Take Bubby Home

What’s the next best thing to hanging out with Bubby? How about taking home your very own Bubby plush?! Take a lil’ Bubby with you on all of your adventures when you purchase a Bubby doll in the Zoo’s Nature Shop or online here.

Bubby's Conservation Club

Join Bubby the Bison's Conservation Club and learn how to be eco-friendly in a fun and unique way! Workshops are held one Sunday a month (May through October) and include conservation-related crafts and activities. Become a member of Bubby's Conservation Club for just $20 per year and receive:
  • A Bubby the Bison plush doll
  • A personalized certificate of membership
  • Admission to monthly workshops (dates posted on annual calendar)
  • Special e-newsletters from Bubby with conservation tips, downloadable activity sheets and contests.
  • A FREE Bubby appearance at your next birthday party booked at EPZ!




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