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Diego’s big move

Diego the jaguar goes on a big move from Norristown to Memphis, Tennessee!

SAFE Update: Invest in the Nest- One Year Later

Last year, Elmwood Park Zoo played a role in helping to promote the Kickstarter campaign, and to encourage our guests, volunteers, and staff to actively participate in the SAFE program for African penguins.

Who’s Who at the Zoo: Painter Dave

  The zoo has kept painter and artist David Michener very busy over the last….

Plant Tips for Fall from a Horticulturalist

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Leading the charge against deforestation

Technology from solar-powered recycled cell phones is making a positive difference in the fight against deforestation.

Living a Bird-Friendly Life

We see probably an average of 100 birds throughout our day, but how many of….

Giraffes: A Species in Crisis

Take a drive along Harding Boulevard and you’re bound to see one or two inquisitive….

Five Tips to Plan an Eco-Friendly Trip

The summer is winding down, but plenty of people still look to travel into the….