The organization that manages the Elmwood Park Zoo, the Norristown Zoological Society (NZS), became a non-profit entity in 1985. In the decades that have followed, NZS has supported wildlife and environmental conservation by funding new exhibits and educational programs, while taking an active role in a number of species preservation projects that take place all over the globe. The NZS mission is to foster an appreciation for wildlife and the environment that will inspire active participation in conservation. It does this in part by securing the funding that allows the Elmwood Park Zoo to continue its programs and projects. The zoo seeks to partner with individuals, businesses and organizations that value its role as an educational and cultural institution. It is only with their financial support that the Elmwood Park Zoo can remain the community asset that it has been for close to 100 years.

Ways to Give

For more information, please contact the zoo’s development department at 800.652.4143 x229 or x238, or email

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