Stella is the official live mascot of Temple University Athletics. See her on the sidelines of all Temple Football home games this season!

Stella is a great horned owl, a species considered to be one of the largest and most powerful in North America. She is a voracious and efficient predator; she can grip her prey with up to 28 lbs of force. In the wild she would hunt rodents, rabbits, and snakes.

Stella was born in 2010 in Washington State. She arrived at Elmwood Park Zoo in August 2011 and has since served as an Education Ambassador, helping to teach people of all ages about wildlife conservation.

"Give a Hoot; Don't Pollute"
Birthdate: 01/01/2010
Height: 2 ft
Weight: 3 lbs
Wingspan: 5 ft
Stella is in possession of the Elmwood Park Zoo by the authority of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Woodsy the Owl has been America's original and official environmental icon for over 25 years. Since his creation in 1971, Woodsy has been instrumental in helping teachers and parents inspire children to care actively for the environment. Woodsy the Owl is part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Forest Service.

Caring, friendly, and wise, Woodsy is a whimsical mentor to children. His new message, "Lend a hand, care for the land!" is positive, easily understood, and generates an interest in the stewardship of natural resources. As he flies across the land, Woodsy invites children to see the world around them and explore new surroundings. Woodsy builds on his original message of, "Give a hoot; don't pollute!" by inviting children to renew, reuse, and recycle.

Adopt Stella
Show your love for Stella through the Adopt-an-Animal Program! By becoming Stella's ZooParent, you provide the funds to help the Zoo maintain the highest standards of care for her. In addition, your donation can help purchase special toys, treats, and enrichment items for her to enjoy!

The following unique packages are available for Stella adoptions:

E-Friend Package: $20
This paperless package includes:
  • Emailed animal fact sheet
  • Emailed photo of Stella
  • Emailed adoption certificate
  • Website recognition
  • Regular update emails about Stella

  • Bronze Package: $50
    Package includes:
  • Animal fact sheet
  • 4 x 6 photo of Stella
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Custom Stella keychain
  • Meet & Greet with Stella at home game (restrictions apply)
  • Website recognition
  • Regular update emails about Stella

  • Group Package: $100
    Maximum 25 people (may buy additional packages to accommodate large groups). Package includes:
  • Animal fact sheet
  • 8 x 10 photo of Stella
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Custom Stella keychain for each group member
  • Meet & Greet with Stella at a home game (restrictions apply)
  • Voucher for each group member, valid for buy-one-get-one-free Zoo admission

  • Click here to begin your adoption. For more information, email


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