Chinchillas are rodents that are native to the Andes Mountains in South America. Out of all land animals, the chinchilla has the thickest fur, containing 20,000 hairs on each square inch of its body. Fifty hairs grow from one follicle, where as humans only grow one hair per each follicle. Their dense fur prohibits flees and other skin parasites to feeding on their blood.


Their name derives from the Chichinas, an American Indian tribe who hunted chinchillas for their soft fur. Chinchillas were hunted nearly to extinction and are still listed as critically endangered species.

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Location: This animal is not on exhibit. It is part of our educational collection and may only be seen in programs inside or outside of the zoo.

Arrived at EPZ: Pichu - 01/09/2008; Tom - 02/02/17; Jerry - 02/02/17