Donkeys are members of the Equidae family, which also includes zebras and horses. They look alike, but donkeys have bigger floppy ears, which are stockier than those of a zebra or horse. Their keen sense of hearing allows them to hear another call of a donkey over 60 miles away. Donkeys are social animals and form connections with other donkeys. They prefer to reside with other donkeys, goats, sheep or horses to keep them company. They are great guard animals and will alert the herd if there are predators nearby.

Donkeys are notorious for their stubborn personality, which has been attributed to a strong sense of self-preservation. A stronger prey instinct and a weak connection with man make it difficult to force or frighten a donkey into a situation that it perceives to be dangerous. Usually dependable, donkeys are often used as work donkeys in other countries. They have the ability to go a long period of time without drinking water. They can loose up to 30% of their body weight in water, and regain it all back after 5 minutes of drinking.

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Location: Barn

Arrived at EPZ: Pickles & Jenny - 06/01/2013