Wild Lights

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See the zoo in a whole new light!  Embark on a self-guided nighttime holiday experience that features animated light installations, music, and themed stops along the way. Follow our tree-lined path as you stroll through Disco Ball Way, Candy Cane Lane, and Santa’s Workshop. End your unforgettable night with a visit with Santa’s reindeer. Wild Lights is generously sponsored by, Philadelphia’s leading I.T. support and digital marketing firm.

Wild Lights will also feature the following attractions:

Santa’s Workshop will be open to guests, where they can meet and take photos with the big man himself

Santa’s live reindeer return to the zoo for guest greetings and photos.

Experience Treetop Adventures like never before! Zip line over the bison exhibit in a glowing harness that interacts with select light installations.

Bubby’s Dessert Party features Elmwood Park Zoo’s bison mascot helping guests to an assortment of delicious holiday treats, a hot chocolate bar, and gingerbread men decorating stations.

Choosing LEDs for your Holiday Lights

From our holiday Wild Lights displays, to the lights you decorate your home with, to the strands that circle your tree, the holiday season is filled with LIGHTS! While these are often a festive indicator of the excitement to come, the large amount of lights being used can take a toll on your energy bill, and the environment at large. Fortunately for businesses and consumers, LEDs are readily available, and are growing in popularity. 

What's the deal with LEDs?

LED lights use “light-emitting diodes” instead of filament to create their light. LEDs don’t burn out like traditional bulbs, and don’t get hot to the touch- making them a safer choice inside and outside the home! Though they may cost a bit more up front, their value lasts for years, as they are known to be more durable than traditional lights.

Do they really save more energy?

Absolutely! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs! While other bulbs can use produce up to 90% of their energy as wasted heat, LEDs don’t get hot to the touch! Aside from saving so much energy, LEDs can last 25x as long as standard bulbs! That’s a win-win!

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LED lights have come a long way in recent years. What once were piercing blue-toned lights that were not pleasing to the eye, now exist in a variety of styles and colors! While you may pay a bit more for them initially, LED lights help cut down on environmental impact during the holidays because of the energy they save. Your wallet will thank you when your winter energy bill comes!

Source: The Spruce

Written by Ali Chiavetta