Guided Zoo Tours

Interested in having a guided tour of Elmwood Park Zoo?

Tours are led by specially-trained and knowledgeable volunteers who enjoy sharing their passion for the natural world with our guests.

Each tour covers topics such as Elmwood Park Zoo history, animal facts and anecdotes, diet and

nutrition, and conservation efforts. Volunteers also use artifacts such as pelts, skulls, and feathers

to make the tour an engaging multi-sensory experience! Tours can be tailored to specific interests

upon request.


General Info

Tours must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

Tours occur during the following time slots: 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.



$5.00 per guest

*Please note: There will be no exchange of money in this process. You will be charged at a later date

when your reservation is confirmed.

50% of the proceeds from tours will be donated to conservation efforts, and 50% will be contributed

to our education department.



60 to 90 minutes


Who can attend a tour?

Tours can include up to 10 people. Tours are suggested for children 7 and older.


Please note that by completing this form, you are not scheduling your tour. This is simply a request.

If you have any questions about our guided tour program, please contact our Manager of Volunteer Engagement, Tommy Avelar at