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Animal enrichment involves providing animals with elements or objects that enhance their environment. These elements work to stimulate the senses and are often made to target specific aspects of an animal’s biology and natural behavior. 


Enrichment items help stimulate the minds of our animals, increasing intelligence and positive behaviors.

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Husbandry items help maintain the care of our animals and their exhibit spaces.

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Elmwood Park Zoo
1661 Harding Blvd
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Commonly used enrichment may include:

Example: Hiding exotic scents throughout a jaguar's exhibit
Example: Providing our nene with puzzle feeders or our cougars with a piñata full of snacks
Example: Creating an exhibit that has various layers and complex paths for a big cat to travel through and explore
Example: Grouping different species together that compliment how they exist together in the wild
Example: Hiding fish inside a container or a block of frozen blood in our river otter's exhibit
Example: Creating positive associations through training techniques that help to improve animal care
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