Scout Programs


Scouts will take this opportunity to learn about different species of animals, how their natural history and adaptations are factored into their care, and explore what goes into designing, creating, and engineering a zoo exhibit. Scouts will discover the inner workings of animal care at the zoo and how zookeepers ensure an animal’s basic needs are met while also providing an engaging and enriching living space that caters to the highest standards of animal welfare. This STEM-based program will allow participants to observe an animal exhibit and meet one of our Ambassador animals up close, and will include an activity. Note: This program is meant to fulfill some badge requirements, but not all.

Duration: 1 hour

Date: Visit the link below for available dates (Thursday – Sunday)

Program must be booked 2 weeks in advance

Time: 2:00 PM

Price Per Program: $175*
*Does not include zoo admission

Theme: Animal Care and Exhibit Design

Maximum of 20 scouts and 3 adults per program.

Questions? Email our Education Program Coordinator at