Teacher Resources

Tips & Checklist

Helpful tasks to complete starting a month before your trip leading all the way to the day of your visit to the zoo.

Common Q&A for your Visit

Additional questions that you or your chaperones may have can be answered right here.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Complete the following scavenger hunts on the day of your zoo visit.


Please read the parking instructions for both buses and cars in preparation for you visit.

Picnic Pavilion Rental

Interested in renting the Picnic Pavilion for lunch? More information and pricing can be found here.


A map just for teachers with necessary locations needed for your group.

Whether you want to prepare your students for a scheduled visit, or you want to expand on your own in-classroom lessons, these resources are available to download and bring a bit of the wild into your curriculum!

Pre-Visit Activity Guides

Post-Visit/Wrap Up Lessons

Other Curriculum Resources

Coming Soon!